Monday, June 1, 2015

Fully Charged

Our friend, Nay-Omi is expecting her first child soon.  She posted an open question last week - "What are the five things you packed in your hospital bag that you couldn't do with out?"  Lip balm, your own pillow, super comfy clothes came up a couple of times but most often cited was phone charger.

Keeping yourself and your bike well charged is a priority for the trip.

Chris and I love the iSound Portable Power Pack  It can charge up to five devices at a time which really comes in handy when hotel room outlets are at a premium.  We are doubling up on rooms so that means doubling up on all that's charged:  front lights, back lights, phones, music devices and speakers and laptops.

Check that you have all your cords.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Overview Dateline

June 15 Mon Load Van at Hales Corners
June 16 Tue Van leaves Milwaukee
June 17 Wed Van arrives Calgary
(Recommended Fly In Arrival Date)
June 18 Thu Arrive at Jasper
June 19 Fri Ride to the Glacier View Inn
June 20 Sat Ride to Num-ti-Jah
June 21 Sun Summer Solstice Hike at Bow Lake
June 22 Mon Bike Ride: Banff/Lake Louise/Canmore
June 23 Tue Bike to Calgary
June 24 Wed Depart for Home
June 26 Fri Van Unloads at Hales Corners

Friday, April 24, 2015

When is the Summer Solstice?

That's Sunday morning, the 21st of June and this year it also coincides with Father's Day. The traditional Celtic celebration of this most powerful day of the year for the Sun God includes a bonfire lit at sunset the night before.

Midsummer is also the time for couples to formalize a relationship.

Num-ti-Jah will be our home for both Midsummer Eve and Midsummer's Day and there's no question it will be magical.

Monday, April 20, 2015

How Do the Other Guys Do It?

Even in the height of summer, cyclists must be prepared for cold nights and occasional snow in the higher elevations. The Canadian parks, with their wide road shoulders, provide excellent cycling conditions, though motorized traffic during the tourist season is heavy.

I've been checking with the other guys. How do they do their Icefields bike tours?

Bicycle Adventures offers a six day tour going from Banff to Jasper. It's considered a classic.
Meals and lodging are included. Start/Finish is Calgary Alberta Canada. Cost? $3,195

Adventure Cycling suggests a Jasper to Banff route and advises, "Fascinating side trips abound for natural and geological sightseeing, which include aerial trams, hiking onto glaciers, and whitewater rafting. So, allow extra time beyond bicycling for these activities."
AC's Great Parks North Section 1 reminds us that a side trip to the Radium Hot Springs may be in order for our extended stay at Num-ti-Jah.

Rocky Mountain Cycle also rides from Jasper to Banff. The spectacular van shuttle from Calgary to Jasper is but the start of one of the "best cycling holidays on earth". Cost? CAD $2,495

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Two Months to Go: Getting in Shape

A thousand M climb? That's 3,000 ft. Oh.
With two months to go, it's time to get with the program.

Basics: Stay hydrated. Dress in layers. Recovery Meal within one hour after ride.

Week One

Try to ride three days per week.

Your total miles should be 25.

Week Two

30 to 35 miles total

Week Three

35 to 45 miles total

Week Four

40 to 55 miles total

Week Five

45 to 65 miles total

Week Six

50 to 75 miles total

Week Seven

55 to 85 miles total

Week Eight

30 to 50 miles total

Chris and I ran errands on our bikes both Friday and Saturday of this past week. Always stayed in the pleasure zone. Dropped off some medication to his mom, found the secret cut-threws in Orchard Hills to the Root River Parkway and reacquainted ourselves with the Oakleaf trail. Tried out the Burley with the boys. Standard bribe of "Play in the Park!" works like a charm. Easily accumulated forty miles.

Become familiar with Map my Ride. You'll want to log your rides. Measure your progress; it keeps you in line with success.

You know, it's not as easy to go uphill on a recumbent as it is on a road bike.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Should I fly into Edmonton or Calgary?

We will begin cycling from the Mount Robson Inn in Jasper. Either airports - Edmonton or Calgary - serve Jasper. Public transportation can be arranged from both.
It's less expensive to shuttle from Edmonton than it is from Calgary. Some of us will travel with the bikes in the support vehicle and we will be picking up Chris from a conference in Calgary. We will also be able to pick up a few extra passengers from the airport in Calgary. The support vehicle can transport eleven passengers. If you are flying into Calgary, you'll want to arrive as early as possible on Thursday, June 18th. Everyone will want to arrange for transportation from Calgary - either the 23rd or 24th of June.