Monday, April 20, 2015

How Do the Other Guys Do It?

Even in the height of summer, cyclists must be prepared for cold nights and occasional snow in the higher elevations. The Canadian parks, with their wide road shoulders, provide excellent cycling conditions, though motorized traffic during the tourist season is heavy.

I've been checking with the other guys. How do they do their Icefields bike tours?

Bicycle Adventures offers a six day tour going from Banff to Jasper. It's considered a classic.
Meals and lodging are included. Start/Finish is Calgary Alberta Canada. Cost? $3,195

Adventure Cycling suggests a Jasper to Banff route and advises, "Fascinating side trips abound for natural and geological sightseeing, which include aerial trams, hiking onto glaciers, and whitewater rafting. So, allow extra time beyond bicycling for these activities."
AC's Great Parks North Section 1 reminds us that a side trip to the Radium Hot Springs may be in order for our extended stay at Num-ti-Jah.

Rocky Mountain Cycle also rides from Jasper to Banff. The spectacular van shuttle from Calgary to Jasper is but the start of one of the "best cycling holidays on earth". Cost? CAD $2,495

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