Sunday, April 19, 2015

Two Months to Go: Getting in Shape

A thousand M climb? That's 3,000 ft. Oh.
With two months to go, it's time to get with the program.

Basics: Stay hydrated. Dress in layers. Recovery Meal within one hour after ride.

Week One

Try to ride three days per week.

Your total miles should be 25.

Week Two

30 to 35 miles total

Week Three

35 to 45 miles total

Week Four

40 to 55 miles total

Week Five

45 to 65 miles total

Week Six

50 to 75 miles total

Week Seven

55 to 85 miles total

Week Eight

30 to 50 miles total

Chris and I ran errands on our bikes both Friday and Saturday of this past week. Always stayed in the pleasure zone. Dropped off some medication to his mom, found the secret cut-threws in Orchard Hills to the Root River Parkway and reacquainted ourselves with the Oakleaf trail. Tried out the Burley with the boys. Standard bribe of "Play in the Park!" works like a charm. Easily accumulated forty miles.

Become familiar with Map my Ride. You'll want to log your rides. Measure your progress; it keeps you in line with success.

You know, it's not as easy to go uphill on a recumbent as it is on a road bike.

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